I just got my laptops from LinuxCertified

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http://forums.opensuse.org – As the title says, I just got my laptops from LinuxCertified. I ordered them about a week ago. I ordered 1 for my wife and daughter and one for me. I ordered this Core 2 Duo Linux Notebook LC2100SN | LinuxCertified.com I was going to order from Dell, but they didn't have any laptops with built in CD/DVD roms, so that put Dell out. Next I tried HP, but it was only business laptops, and for almost double. I'll pass. I remembered the thread here about laptops with out Windows, and that it included LinuxCertified, so I went there and configured my laptops, to see how much. Not bad. For the two, it was $1611. They had a root account already to go, but no user account. This meant logging in as root. I didn't much like that. I found something that was just plain odd to me. They had the repos set up, including packman, but the packman repo was for 11.1. An 11.1 packman repo on an openSUSE 11.2 64bit preinstalled system. Over all, I'm pleased and impressed with the laptops so far. (Distributions)