I have a ESXi 5.0 installed and when I am Installing Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS it is giving an error saying grub installation failed? [closed]

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http://serverfault.com – For the screen shot check out same question on Ask ubuntu or super user. I have other Ubuntu servers running fine on this esxi server, so I don't think problem is with ESXi. I have 32 GB of ram spare on this ESXi and have given 2 GB of RAM to this 12.0 LTS VM. I have given 2 cores of processor. I have tried supplying different ISO Image to this VM as I thought the 1st image that I downloaded has errors.. But defiantly that's not the case as all 3 different ISO images that I downloaded of Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS (32-bit) can't be corrupt!! Just to make sure that the Image does not have pr (HowTos)