I gave up trying to use a floppy

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – A summary of my experience with floppies and Fedora (starting at FC2 and continuing to FC 12) is "Fedora eats floppies". At least it destroys them in my hands. Both floppies and floppy drives are an imperfect technology, but that cannot explain the many floppies that I have ruined using many different machines and floppy drives and versions of Fedora. ( And I'm always careful to mount and unmount floppies. I don't pop them out without waiting for the system to finish its work on them.) Having spent a few hours trying to put the files for a BIOS flash on a DOS bot disk, I destroyed most of my DOS boot disks. (I used to be able to make them using an image and the "dd" command, but FC 12 doesn't like the option "of = /dev/fd0" or "of=" anything else I could think of.) So I consulted the web and found this wonderful page: http://www.linuxinsight.com/how-to-f...ppy-drive.html I tried it and it works. These were old motherboards so there was still a computer comedy to play out. The machines had SATA DVD-RWs. Setting the first bood device to "CDROM" wouldn't boot from them. I put on an IDE CD-R temporarily to get around this. (HowTos)