I cant use Serial.serial.read() on ubuntu12.04 but it is working fine on ubuntu10.04

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I was using ubuntu 10.04 and now updating to ubuntu 12.04 but one of my python code was working fine in ubuntu 10.04 but not in ubuntu 12.04.(Ubuntu 10.04: python version = 2.6.5, Ubuntu 12.04: python version = 2.7.3) Here is my code. class FTSensor: def __init__(self, dev, baudrate=19200): print 'FTSensor: opening serial port (baudrate =', baudrate, ')' self.ftcon = serial.Serial(dev,timeout =0.1) print 'FTSensor: setting properties' self.ftcon.setBaudrate(baudrate) self.ftcon.setParity('N') self.ftcon.setStopbits(1) self. (HowTos)