I can't mount a LVM snapshot on a XEN host

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http://serverfault.com – I'd like to backup my XEN VMs by copying-rsyncing a LVM snapshot. I’m trying to mount a snapshot that contains a XEN guest’s virtual disk (ext4). Below are all the steps I follow. I can’t mount the snapshot and it seems there’s no partition table in it. The only existing volume group is “VG_XenStorage-2be5fe38-c04b-3277-4ce0-438139457a4a” The virtual disk I try to backup is: “/dev/VG_XenStorage-2be5fe38-c04b-3277-4ce0-438139457a4a/VHD-8c8064d2-0101-46d4-b1e5-607ad4a92621” The name of my snapshot LV is ‘vmbackup’. The man page of the mount command on the Xen Host doesn (HowTos)