Hylafax wih multiple lines and only one modem

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I have installed hylafax on Ubuntu Server 8.04 with an external USRobotics modem. Everything is going fine. I use it almost as a fax2mail gateway. The fax is behind a PBX. The fax server receive every fax destinated to the internal fax N.1 (internal number 201) I would like to make this. I have other internal fax machines connected to the PBX. Fax n.2 for sales department (internal number 202) Fax n.3 for technical department (internal number 203) Using the PBX control panel I can route all incoming fax for Fax n.2 and n.3 directly to Fax n.1 So I could use these fax machines as "out-only" machines. Faxes originally intended for Fax N.1 should be mailed to "info at intranet com" Faxes originally intended for Fax N.2 should be mailed to "sales at iintranet com" Faxes originally intended for Fax N.3 should be mailed to "technical at iintranet com" The problem is that I don't know how to tell hylafax that a particular fax was originally assigned to Fax n.1, n.2 or n.3. I can't do that checking "callerID" because there are customers that can send us faxes regarding one departement or another. I can't do that using multiple modems cause i have not enough ports. Moreover I would like to use other fax machines. Up to 7 fax machine at the moment. There is a way to tell to Hylafax that a fax was initially intended for fax n.1, 2 or 3? If it is possible, there is anyone that can help me? (HowTos)