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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi guys, Maybe it's the fact that it's early in the morning (10am) but I'm bashing my head against a brick wall here. Basically, I have written a nice little PHP script to generate thumbnails on-the-fly for images in my "odd" folder, so www.cwatson.org/odd/01-Amp.jpg is resized by this script: www.cwatson.org/odd/index.php?url=01-Amp.jpg It works with GIFs as well, so it's pretty cool, and it means I don't have to create thumbnails for my images any more for forums etc. Now, I'm trying to write an Apache Rewrite rule so that I just have to put "?thumb" at the end and it will redirect it to the script, so: URL requested: www.cwatson.org/odd/01-Amp.jpg?thumb URL returned: www.cwatson.org/odd/index.php?url=01-Amp.jpg Ideally I'd want it so that it matches both JPG and GIF images, and both upper and lower-case extensions (because I'm lazy). Any help appreciated :) (HowTos)