HTTP - Can't see website(s) externally

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – All, I recently rebuilt my linux box which was running Fedora 9. I rebuilt with Fedora 12 (SELinux disabled/permissive) and restored the things I had running before . . . dns, http, samba, etc. I changed the name of the server and actually gave it a domain name during initial setup. I am able to login at the console, open a browser, and see the site with no problem if I go to I've made the adjustments to the zone files and Code: named-checkzone sitename.com sitename.com.db returns "OK." I've also made the nameserver adjustments on godaddy.com and Code: named-checkconf doesn't kick back any errors either. Yet I still can't see my site(s) externally. Does anyone have any ideas what I might be overlooking? Thanks all. (HowTos)