HTML5 App Cache don't work in Opera Mobile 12.1.4 and Android 2.2 browser

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http://stackoverflow.com – I have made an HTML5 App Cache for an mobile chat application, it is working perfect in Desktop browsers, but not working in Android 2.2 default browser and last version of Opera Mobile. What I am doing wrong? Here is my index.appcache located on /www/: CACHE MANIFEST # 18-01-13 v1.0 style.css script2.js scriptRIndex.js part of my .htaccess file, located on / visible ExpiresActive On #0 segundos ExpiresDefault A0 AddType text/cache-manifest .appcache ExpiresByType text/cache-manifest A0 # 15 dias ExpiresByType application/javascript M1296000 ExpiresByType application/x-javascript M12960 (HowTos)