HP dv3510nr multple problems (power/battery, sound, APCI error)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Having just bought this stylish and fast computer from Best Buy last week, I after taking 2 hours to create the Vista Recovery discs! I put on Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit and then tried Fedora 11 right away. Now some if not most of the setup went well but no I have numerous things that are bothering me and I want to get them sorted After seeing ubuntu have more problems than Fedora 11 on the laptop I decided I'll stick to Fedora but here is observations First was the speakers not emitting any sound but the 2 headphone jacks work. Now I searched the internet for solutions while I found a solution it doesn't completely solve everything while I can get sound from the speakers, the speakers POP and CRACK very loud when fedora exits to shutdown or restart! This bothers me I don't want to damage my speakers so soon. 2nd is the Power manager acting buggy , it seems sometimes when I'm running off the battery the power manager thinks I still plugged in. I can't find what triggers it but it seems I need to plug in the AC cord to get it to update then if disconnect it it then USUALLY detects that it IS running on battery 3rd is function commands/buttons not working correctly, The volume buttons are very glitchy, when adjusting the volume with the keys, they "stick" if you hold them to long (the volume notification pulses from reaching the maximum volume and continues to do so) the only way unsticky the key so you can use the mouse and keyboard again (can't use menu bar or anything click-able) is to switch to a tty then back to the GDM. 4th is on start I get treated to a 2 ACPI: Invalid PBLK length [8] Could this have something to do with the power problems? Also a small cosmetic issue but the mute button functions but doesn't change color when muted Hope I can get help to get this fixed quickly (I'd rather use Linux to finish up my school work then insecure and bloated Windows 7) (HowTos)