HP DL585 G1 with VMware ESXi 5 - SATA solution, need more storage

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http://serverfault.com – I have the following: 2 x DL585 G1 (8 cores) with built in Smart Array 5i (2 x 74GB SCSI in Raid 0) I installed VMware ESXi 5 and got it all working :) However I need more space. I was thinking of getting 2 x P600 which I can install in the DL585 G1 however I am not sure if it will support SATA drives. It does states, SAS online. But I have been reading about SATA and SAS not able to work together. So, I came here. the place of experts. I have a lot of this sitting around. Can anyone advise me please. Please note that I am new to servers / vmware, in fact 3 weeks old. But I have been (HowTos)