hp DL 370 G5 hpacucli shows 2 drives as Predictive Failure - safe to try a rebuild 1 by 1?

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http://serverfault.com – I have: Openfiler SAN ML370 G5 Smart Array 6400 slot 1 Array B Logical Drive 2 is a RAID5 array of 6 x 148GB 10k hot plug drives making 680GB no spare Last Friday, the power went out, this machine was just plugged in to the wall and it went down hard. When it came back up, drive 1 and 4 of 0-5 drive changed to red flashing Fault light. The chart from the array guide shows that as "predictive failure has been received for this drive, replace as soon as possible". At the commandline hpacucli utility reports the same message; Predictive Failure. The activity lights flash normally. The fau (HowTos)