Howto run Buffalo/Orinoco Usb wireless on Slackware 12.2 kernel by RealUseR

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – INSTALLING DRIVERS AND FIRMWARE 1. Ok so lets start with this one svn co -r 1300 https://orinoco.svn.sourceforge.net/.../branches/usb/ 2. after that go to usb folder in your home dir 3. download and save it in the same usb directory where the orinoco files are stored. http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/a....com&counter=1 3. run patch -p0 <orinoco_usb-2.6.27.patch 4. make (and if you want to install driver run "make install"). 5. Next, download the device firmware. cd firmware ./get_ezusb_fw 6. Copy firmware "cp orinoco_ezusb_fw /lib/firmware/" 7. Connect usb adapter and load the drivers. Go to dir where orinoco files are stored and run: insmod orinoco.ko insmod orinoco_usb.ko If you want other card which use orinoco drivers compiled by kernel as i have one on my mini pci slot on the laptop just run: rmmod orinoco_pci rmmod orinoco rmmod hermes And go to step 7 to insert usb modules. If you don't have second wifi card which use orinoco modules compiled by kernel run "make install" on step 4. So some original explains by me about support monitor mode in this usb wifi card. Some people says that only in firmware 6.10 work fine monitor mode. I can't get it. So i try to look for solution and find one good for me. This solution is discovered by me and i don't find another nowhere. ENABLE MONITOR MODE!!! 1. Open file orinoco.c adn edit force_monitor to loot like this "force_monitor = 1;" 2. Run "iwconfig eth1 mode monitor" (or wlan0 or whatever is your wireless interface) or airmon-ng start eth1. 3. If PC just freeze or run slow performance reinsert usb adapter or run "iwpriv eth1 force_reset". 4. Run "airodump-ng eth1" and don't close it. Now if the PC run slow open new root shell and run "iwpriv eth1 force_reset", if again run slow, run command again until in airodump-ng console show up networks. This work for me fine. Airodump scan networks and collect data packets just fine. Questions here and here http://mncomputers.hit.bg/mail.jpg Forever Linux FAN- RealUseR (Nikolay Shopov) Bulgaria, Bracigovo! (HowTos)