Howto recursively create PDF thumnbails on linux command line

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am able to use ImageMagick to create a thumbnail of the first page of a PDF using: convert -thumbnail x80 95.pdf[0] thumb_95.png This works fine and generates a thumb_95.png file. I have tried several permutations of "find" using xargs but i cant get a combo working that will create the thumbnails in the folders along with the source PDFs. The PDFs are in folders named with UUIDs, e.g.: /511017a7-67fc-4897-80c1-0d42ac100b68/415.pdf /511015bc-e0a8-4ab7-ba29-0ce9ac100b68/122.pdf My required result would be: /511017a7-67fc-4897-80c1-0d42ac100b68/415.pdf /511017a7-67fc-4897-80c1-0d42ac (HowTos)