How to use TeamViewer to share files and remotely control another computer

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to help somebody with a computer issue but couldn’t because the person was miles away?  If you answered yes, then I have a tool for your next project and it’s free. Troubleshooting computers remotely can pose some challenging problems if you’re not using the correct tool for the job. For example, trying to help someone who’s not a computer person or can’t figure out what you’re telling them can really be a challenged. Without some kind of way to remotely access that computer, you’re going to stay on that phone for a while.   With a remote access tool such as Teamviewer, an all-in-one solution for remote access and support over the Internet, troubleshooting a computer remotely can be a easy. All that is required for this tool to work is an Internet connection. Once connection is established with the remote PC, you can then login and take control of the computer with ease. In this simple tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Teamviewer to share files, control a PC and save yourself some pennies.     To get started, download a copy of the program from here and install on your system. There are many versions of Teamviewer for different functions.  There are Teamviewer Full, Quick Support, Teamviewer Host, Portable and Manager, all of which do the same job but a little different.   For our scenario, we’re going install the Full version on our technician PC and the Quick Support version on our remote PC. The remote PC is the one with the issue.   Step One) Preparing the technician’s PC   1) Download the Full version from here and install.     2) Click Run to begin the installation.     3) Choose Install and click Next. When prompted for permission to install, click Continue.     4) Since we’re using it for personal use, we’ll choose the personal use option and continue. Next accept the license agreement.     5) Choose ‘Normal Installation’ and continue. Next choose the Full access option.     6) Click Finish and open Teamviewer.       Step Two) Preparing the remote PC. 7) Download the Quick Support version from here   . Click Run to begin the installation.     9) Click Continue with prompted for permission. Teamviewer Quick Support should automatically open.       Both PCs are ready to be connected. When the technician needs to connect with the remote PC, ask the remote user to provide his session ID and password.  The ID and password will be the one shown in the boxes below.     The technician will then enter the ID into the box shown below. Click the ‘Connect to partner’ button. To transfer files, select the File transfer option below.     Hope you like it and please come back soon. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)