How to Use Parental Controls in Windows to Restrict Computer Usage

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – If you have children and you want to restrict what they do on the computer or where they go online, then consider configuring Parental Controls in Windows Vista or Windows  7. Parental Controls panel, part of User Accounts Control applets centralizes all the key settings to control an individual account setup in Windows Vista or Windows 7.   With Parental Controls configured,  you can restrict game playing time, web browsing and overall computer usage. This allow parents to focus on other things and not worry about what their children are doing online.   To setup Parental Controls in Windows Vista and Windows 7, continue reading below.   1) The first step is creating the account(s) you want to control. Create separate accounts if you want to create a unique settings for each account.   2) Click Start –> and type ‘Parental Controls’ in the search box, then select Parental Controls at the top. Next select the account you want to setup.     3) Turn on control settings, then set specific setting for each group. To set the time limit, click ‘Off’ and set the blocked time by selecting an empty box and drag the mouse across to cover the date and time.     4) Do the same for game settings. Turn on game restrictions and select the ratings the child or children are allowed to play. Select the programs on the computer that the child or children are allow to run.     5) Turn on web filtering to filter what sites are allowed. Select only websites on the white list to specify the only websites that child or children are allowed to visit. You’ll have to type each address that are allowed to be visited.       Next go to here and download and install Windows Live Family Safety. This tool allows you to manage the web contents the child is allowed to see. It also blocks contents that are not allowed and gives you a report on the child’s activities online.   6) Click Run when prompted and continue.       7) Uncheck other stuff and click the Install button. When done click Continue.       Next, click Start –> and type ‘Windows Live Family Safety’ then select the program at the top on the list. If you have a hotmail email account, enter it. If not, register for one.     9) Associate the account with the local account on the system. This is just for reporting purposes. Everything the account does online will be reported.       10) Click Close when done.       11) The next time the child login, if a program has been blocked will receive warnings like the one below.          12) If the child is visiting a webpage that is now allowed, he or she will get the warnings below also. If the child needs access, he or she will have to request access from you.     Thanks for coming and we hope to see you next time. Enjoy and be safe online. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)