How to use Microsoft Security Essentials to provide real-time protection for your PC

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – If you’re currently using any edition of Windows without Security Essentials, a free real-time protection suite for your home PC from Microsoft, than you need to consider installing a copy to help protect you against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.   Microsoft has done a good job with Windows with respect to security but not enough to run any edition of Windows without some kind of security suite on top of the basic firewall in placed. You need another layer of security to help scan, detect and remove spywares, malwares and other harmful programs that may do damage to your computer.   In this simple tutorial, I’ll show you how to download and install Microsoft Security Essentials for home users and demonstrate in very short form how to use it. There are many good security product out there for free, but SE is essential for anyone wanting the basic level of security for free. Furthermore, SE is from Microsoft and your operating system is from Microsoft so there’s a perfect match.     When you’re ready to download and install SE, please continue below for more instructions.   1) Download and install Security Essentials from here.     2) Click Run to begin the installation. When prompted for permission, click Continue.         3) Read through the next screen and click Next. Accept the license agreement and continue with the installation.       4) SE will only work on a valid copy of Windows. Click the Validate button to validate your system and continue with the installation. If your system fail the validation, the process would end here. When the validation is complete, click the Install button.     5) After installation, SE immediately begin updating its database with the latest virus definitions. Wait the process to finish and it should immediately begin scanning.     6) SE quickly begin scanning your PC for spyware and other harmful programs. Wait until the process is over. It may take a while if your system has a big hard drive with lots of files and folders.     7) SE settings panel. Here you can set how often to scan, where to scan and what type of scan. Choose your desire setting and schedule it to run anytime. The next screen shows you the report after the scan. If there were spyware or viruses, it would’ve given you the option of removing it.     This is all folks. Our main goal is to guide our PCs against spyware and viruses. Because SE is free and from Microsoft, there’s not a better option.   Thanks again for coming and have a great day. (HowTos)