How to use Gladinet to map your SkyDrive Online Storage to your Computer

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – With the help of Gladinet, you can bring your SkyDrive Online Storage closer to your desktop. As you may already know, Microsoft gives anyone who signs up for SkyDrive Online Storage a free 25GB with no strings attached. Believe me, 25GB is a lot of storage space. But the one downside is, it is hosted by Microsoft online. You’ll will have to go to your SkyDrive account every time you need to add, delete or create a folder.   Gladinet makes it possible to create a local drive that is mapped to your free SkyDrive account as if it was directly attached to your local computer. You can then use Windows Explorer to manage your folders and files stored on SkyDrive.   The first thing to do if you don’t already have SkyDrive Online is to register for a free account. Click here if you wish to register.       After registering for your free SkyDrive account, click here to download Gladinet and install. There are two editions – the pro and free for both 32/64 bit OSs.     1) When prompted, click Run to begin the installation.       2) Click Next to and accept the license agreement to continue the installation.       3) Customize Gladinet: Accept whether to add icons on the desktop and quick launch. Next specify the installation location.       4) Click Next to continue. Next click Close and check the box to launch Gladinet.       5) Choose the free edition and click Next. Then check the box next to Windows Live SkyDrive to configure.       6) Here you configure your settings. Choose the drive letter of you choice, enable auto update and edit the label. When done, click Finish.       7) Now go to ‘Computer’ and open the Z Drive. Open Windows Live SkyDrive folder.       Next enter your Windows Live email and password to connect.       9) Next enable backup task to automatically backup your critical documents.       10) Choose the types of file to backup from your documents folder.     11) Select the backup target online and click finish when done.       12) You can always change the settings by click the taskbar icon of Gladinet.     Not only this is a great to backup your files, but a wonderful way to make sure that all your critical data are securely stored online in the event your computer crashes.   We hope you enjoyed it and thanks for coming. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)