How to Upload Images to Imgur Straight from Nautilus

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http://www.learningubuntu.com – What the hell is imgur? Imgur, my friend, is the best image host in all the interwebz. It's my current image host of choice because of its simple design, fast speed, and overall awesomeness. Imgur is used all over the place, but is a particular favourite in social news networks like Digg and Reddit. You can check out the gallery to see all of the most popular images hosted on imgur. Even though uploading images through imgur is easy because of its simple design, we can now upload images straight from Nautilus (the Ubuntu file manager) using imgur-upload. There are already several tools available to upload images to imgur from your desktop, but most are for Mac OS X, and the ones available for Linux aren't as simple to use as imgur-upload. Installing imgur-upload To use imgur-upload, we will first have to install the programs "Nautilus Actions Configuration" and curl: sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions curl Once you have the programs installed, download imgur-upload and extract the files from the archive. An "imgur_upload" folder will be extracted from the archive onto your desktop. Open up Nautilus Actions Configuration by going to [System -> Preferences -> Nautilus Actions Configuration]. Click on the "Import/Export" button and choose the "imgur_upload_action.schemas" inside the "imgur_upload" folder. A new "Upload to Imgur" action will be added to the list. Select the new action added and click on "Edit". Change the "Path" by clicking on the "Browser" button and change it the "imgur_upload" file inside the "imgur_upload" folder. Now we will need to reload Nautilus. You can do that by going to the Terminal and using the command: killall nautilus && nautilus Now whenever you right click on an image, you will have "Upload to Imgur" as an action available on the menu. When you click on it, a new window will show up with the links to the image upload and the direct link will be automatically copied to your clipboard. Update: If the "Upload to Imgur" action shows up on the menu, but when you click on it nothing happens, then do the following fix. Move the "imgur.glade" file from the "imgur_upload" folder to your home folder, and try it again. (HowTos)