how to upgrade libvirt?

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http://serverfault.com – I'm trying to install openstack on RHEL 6.2. Following installation guide from openstack.org, I'm using the command: yum install openstack-nova openstack-glance After resolved many dependencies, I got the final error: Error: Package: openstack-nova-compute-2012.2.2-1.el6.noarch (epel) Requires: libvirt >= 0.9.6 Installed: libvirt-0.9.4-23.el6.x86_64 (@anaconda-RedHatEnterpriseLinux-201111171049.x86_64/6.2) libvirt = 0.9.4-23.el6 I installed libvirt 0.9.4 from the RHEL 6.2 DVD, but it seems I have to upgrade libvirt 0.9.6. How to do the upgrade? Or where can I (HowTos)