how to update the patch files.

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi guys, I have question about patches. I have source tree and I have develop my own patch changing few files from the source tree. Now new version of the source tree arives and I want to apply my own old patches on the new source tree. Some of the files I am patching however are changed in the new source tree release. I can fix my patches manually but I think there should be a tool that get 3 files: old_source_file, new_source_file, patch_for_the_old_source_file and produce patch_for_the_new_source_file as result. Can you please give me a clue? I am using unified diff to create my patches. I know that often my old patches will apply with some offset over the new source files but still I think that the process I am requesting makes sence. What do you think? And Marry Cristmas Dimitar (HowTos)