How to test ubuntu 10.4 code name Lucid Lynx

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – When I heard that ubuntu 10.4 alpha 2, code name Lucid Lynx was released, I decided to test and preview upcoming features while peeking into the new operating system before release date. Lucid Lynx will eventually become ubuntu 10.4 LTS when it is released to the general public in April of 2010.   Lucid is still in an alpha phase which means it shouldn’t be used on production systems. Because programs in alpha phase are not fully tested, it not encouraged to upgrade your production or home computers to Lucid. The pre-release versions of Lucid is meant for testers and developers who want to help in testing and reporting bugs (problems) to ubuntu teams. Below, I will give you screenshots of the installation and some new features that have been added to the new OS.   If you to help in testing for bugs or just want to test-drive the new OS, then download a copy from here and install. For this tutorial, I downloaded the ubuntu Lucid alpha 2 which is the default version. It comes with GNOME Desktop and other base applications found in all ubuntu systems.   1) Download and install a copy of Lucid     2) The installation is the same with all other ubuntu editions. Lucid is not different. Pop in the image CD and boot from it.   3) Select your language and time zone. Click Forward when done.     4) Choose your keyboard layout then click Forward. Next select the default option and continue. The default is to Erase and use the entire disk.     5) Enter the default user information and continue. Next click the Install button to begin the installation.     6)Remove the CD from the computer drive and reboot the system. Just by looking at the new system, you’ll think no improvements were made from the previous edition.     7) Office contains the same applications from previous edition. Places is the same as the previous.     The shots below also look like those from the previous edition of ubuntu. Don’t let the look fool you. More improvements were made to the overall system from the previous. Things you can’t see are what make the core of any operating system and those are were the improvements were made.     9) Improvement and addition not in previous editions. A new program called Indicator, it allows you to set your status on the system. Also an improvement of the user settings program from previous editions.     Just looking at the images will probably convince you that nothing much was improved. But going deep into the system will tell you a different story.  We’ll have to wait until April to see the final version of the product.   Until then, thanks for visiting us. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)