How to start working with GNU PLOT??

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http://www.unix.com – Dear Experts, I wanted to plot a graph with respect to values from a file. I'm doing it with Excel 2007, but I want to create the chart in script itself. I searched in internet for GNUPLOt. But I couldn't understand anything. Here is my situation. I have a file having values separated by "|". Code: report:~/Naga # head SCP_CAPS_24012012.txt 00:00:00|20.62|7.85|12.05|12.40|16.73|16.38|13.80|5.23|11.87|7.48|2.35|10.42 00:01:00|22.83|9.88|14.75|13.70|15.80|18.63|14.00|5.70|13.83|9.47|2.65|10.53 00:02:00|21.87|8.97|14.00|12.78|14.83|17.05|14.52|6.82|13.53|9.32|2.73|10.32 (HowTos)