how to start LXDE session automatically after tightvncserver starts to make me able see desktop when connecting to the host via vncclient?

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http://askubuntu.com – I have system which is equipped with Intel Celeron processor 1.1 GHz s370 with 384 Mb of RAM on Intel d815egew motherboard which supports wake-on-lan function. I want to use such a PC for Internet sharing to the local network. Also this PC is a DHCP+DNS server as well as router/gateway. Based on above I decided to install Lubuntu as it is lightweight system. I installed Lubuntu 10.04.4 LTS from alternate ISO. System has no auto login. System boots and has acceptable performance. Host PC has onboard 4 network adapters: eth0 – ethernet controller which is used for Local Network connec (HowTos)