How to split a ddrescue disk image and how to use it again?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a 500GB external HDD that I need to rescue the contents of. Unfortunately I only have two 400GB partitions to save the contents to. Can I split the disk image as: ~$ cd /mnt/part1/Recovery/ /mnt/part1/Recovery/$ ddrescue -f -n -i0 -s250...00 /dev/disk disk.part1.ddraw disk.part1.log /mnt/part1/Recovery/$ cd /mnt/part2/Recovery/ /mnt/part2/Recovery/$ ddrescue -f -n -i250...01 /dev/disk disk.part2.ddraw disk.part2.log (values of numbers are missing a few zeros for convenience). That is, can I just use the -i and -s flags to split the disk image into two parts manually? Secondly, is th (HowTos)