how to specify .sh file to optirun ? PLEASE

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http://askubuntu.com – It's been 5 days I've installed ubuntu over my windows 7 since I didn't know how to dual boot it. Before ubuntu I've ran all games like a stream of river I've installed bumblebee on this and I don't even know how to optirun some files.. I went as far as optirun glxgears which works perfectly my hon.sh file is in my home folder -> HoN -> hon.sh I tried optirun ./hon.sh optirun /home/usr/hon/hon.sh optirun ./usr/hon/hon.sh optirun /home/kke2724/hon/hon.sh it shows the same error /usr/bin/vglrun: 296: exec: ./min/hon/hon.sh: not found or similar to that and all others I could have tho (HowTos)