How to sign rpms/debs and build rpm/deb-keyring packets?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello and thanks for the grat service of OBS. I have some questions regarding the signing of packages. It seems to be that all rpm- and deb-packages are signed automatically. My problem is, that this key is not installet at the user. OpenSuSE is easy, as it let the user accept the key with some clicks. Mandriva just complains. Debian complains on every update that there is no key. Fedora12's KPackageKit even refuses the Installation with an error (su and rpm -i works) So my first question is: How can I let the build service create a keyring package (rpm&dep)? If I must create it myself how can I get to my own key? (as the key is now hold by automatic-OBS) The automatic-OBS-key runs out 2010. Is it good to replace it before the time comes? I hope you can get me some light into this capter. (Distributions)