How To Share Files And Folders Between Windows Vista and Linux Mint

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – This brief tutorial will show you how to share files and folders between Windows Vista and Linux Mint 8 (Helena) the easy way. As you may already know, Linux Mint is a Ubuntu based Linux distribution which lets experience a complete system right out the box after installing. Installing and configure Linux Mint is as easy as configuring a Windows System.   Before you share files and folders between any Linux and Windows systems, you must satisfy some basic requirements. Both machines must be in the same IP Subnet Both machines must be in the same Workgroup Both machines must use the same communication protocol   When you’re satisfied the above requirements, continue below.   1) Click Start –> and type ‘Network and Sharing Center’, then select the program link above. On the next screen, click Manage network connection from the left menu.       2) Right-click on ‘Local Area Connection and select Properties. Then select (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.       3) Enter the IP information and click OK. Next close out of the windows till you get to the sharing center. Enable Sharing and Discovery as shown below.       4) Next click Start –> Right-click Computer and select Properties. Then select Advanced system settings from the left menu.       5) Select Computer Name tab and enter the workgroup name. Both machines must use the same workgroup name. Restart your machine.         6) Power on your Linux Mint computer and click Menu –> Software Manager. Then click Search and select APT tab, then search for samba.       7) Select the programs as shown below.       Next click Menu –> Administration –> Samba. When the window opens, click Preferences and select Server Settings. Enter the workgroup name.       9) Select the Security tab and set the authentication mode to User. Once done, click the green (+) to add shares. Choose the directory to share and set the permissions.       10) Next click the Preferences and select Add Users. Then add the user’s Windows account info.       11) Next click Menu and select Control Center. In the Control Center, select Internet and Network from the left menu, then click Network Connections.       12) Select the Interface card and click Edit. Click the IPv4 Settings tab and choose Manual. Add the IP address information and apply. Restart your computer.       13) Sharing is enabled Windows Vista     14) Sharing is enabled on Linux Mint.       That’s all for today. Join the forum discussion on this post (HowTos)