How to set the Regional Settings in Windows

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – Some among us do travel to other countries at times. If you’re among the few who travel to other countries, you can now transform change keyboard layout, time zone and language format based on your current region in Windows. After configuring these settings, the date format, language style and time zone will automatically adjust based your selection.   In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to accomplish that. For this exercise, I will try to change the default regional settings (US) to Russia. This can also be replicated to other regions as well based on this tutorial.   1) To get started, click Start –> and type ‘Regional and Language Options’ in the search box as shown below. Then click the Regional and Language Options from the list above.           2) On the Formats tab, choose your current country’s format. Below are examples of the displayed formats. Once done here, click the Apply button.       3) Next select the Location tab and choose your current location from the list. Once done click the Apply button.       4) Next click the Keyboard and Language tab, then click ‘Change keyboard..’ button.       5)  Then click the Add button and select your region keyboard style. Once done, click the OK button.       6) Finally, click the Administrative tab and change the system locale. When prompted, restart the computer.       7) After restarting your computer, you should see on the taskbar, a language abbreviation icon. EN for English and RU for Russia.     If you need to type in current language, select it from the list. If you need to remove the keyboard layout of a language completely go back to the step above and delete the layout from the list.   The web is also in Russian.       That’s all folks. Enjoy your travel and hope to see you here when you get back. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)