How to set PcManFm as the default file manager?

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http://askubuntu.com – I think Nautilus is so slow, and I'd like to move to PCmanFM, but didn't find any good tips how to do this in Ubuntu 12.10. I have PCmanFM installed already, and I even changed: $ sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/nautilus-folder-handler.desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Files Comment=Access and organize files Exec=pcmanfm %U Icon=system-file-manager Terminal=false NoDisplay=true Type=Application StartupNotify=true OnlyShowIn=GNOME;Unity; Categories=GNOME;GTK;Utility;Core; MimeType=inode/directory;application/x-gnome-saved-search; X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Bugzilla=GNOME X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Product=nautilu (HowTos)