how to set linux system time in 12/24 hr?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, When I use the `date' command on RHEL5, I can get the time shown in 24 hr format. I wonder if the time can be shown in 12 hr format. But I don't want to use the `date +FORMAT' to do that, neither `alias date='date +FORMAT''. I just want a simple `date' to show time in 12hr format. Is there any configuration file about the 12/24 hr format? Is the format related to the value of the environment variable 'TIMEFORMAT'? I can't find its default value by 'set | grep -i timeformat'. How can I know what the current format is? I mean, when I use `date', I can get "Sun Sep 19 13:22:50 CST 2 (HowTos)