How to set IP adress automatically in Arch Linux?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am using latest Arch Linux. But whenever I start my PC, it sometimes gets an IP address but most of the time, it gives me stress. I am getting very confused, how can I make sure it is really setting DHCP IP? This is what I have: In rc.conf: DAEMONS=( ... network dhcpcd ) On system boot I have in ~/.xinitrc ip link set dev eth0 up ip link set dev eht1 up dhcpcd -t 100 But now, I have rebooted 10 times, and I do not get any IP address. Follow up: Yesterday i had interfaces eth0, eth1, lo. After this strange problem of IP. Now i am successfully boot back to my same BOX, same configurat (HowTos)