How to Set Up a HGome Network Between Linux and Windows

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hello. I'm running a dual boot with Windows XP and Ubuntu (linux mint) I would like to try to set up a simple home network between this machine and another one which runs exclusively WindowsXP. More specifically, I would like to allow the other computer to have access to the HP Laserjet which is connected directly to this dual-boot machine. I understand I need to use Samba and Cups. I also have to create a new samba.conf file. (I went to the link How to Set Up a Home Network Between Linux & Windows | eHow.com). The variables I need to determine for the samba.conf file are: workgroup -- I believe this has to be the same on both machines. Problem is, I can't verify what it is on this dual-boot machine when running in linux-mode. I believe I specified this when I installed linuxmint. So my question is, how do I determine my workgroup in Ubuntu (linuxmint) netbios name -- i found a command to run to show me this and it spit out "nick-desktop" -- does this seem correct? printer name -- is it ok for me to make one up or do I use the printer name I got form the printer configuration screen in linuxmint. The next step she said was to add additional users to the Samba server. I am assuming that the machine that Samba resides on (my dual-boot machine) already is set up as a user. So I entered in the information for the Pat's Windows XP machine here. For this part, I have to come up with a "new user" name so I chose "Pat" I also chose a password. Then I had to let Samba know about the user so I typed in the terminal "sudo smbpasswd -a newuser" (ver batim) It prompted me for a new password so I gave it one. I think I screwed up here. I think I have to make up a name for "newuser". The final hoop I needed to jump through was to map the windows network drives so I clicked on "Start", right-clicked on "My Computer" and selected "Map Network Drive" . I then chose drive letter "Z". But I also need to provide a path in the form of "\\netbios name\user". So I tried "\\nick-desktop\nick". I assumed here that "user" is just my first name. I selected "finish" and got an error saying it couldn't find the path on the network. So thats it. There are a lot of variables and if I messed up on any one of them I'm out of business. Thanks for the help. I'm a newbie. take care. (HowTos)