How to send-key to break out of scroll mode in tmux?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a key-mapping in VIM that looks like this: map <F5> :silent !tmux send-keys -t 0:0 C-m "python %" C-m<cr> When I press F5, vim runs my current Python script in tmux session 0, window 0. However, if window 0 is currently in a scroll state (i.e. Shift-PgUp or mouse scroll), tmux will run the command but will not scroll on new output. How do I send a key to the tmux window that will break it out of scroll mode? (I want it to scroll on output) Note: I normally get out of scroll-mode by pressing Esc, but I couldn't figure out how to send an Escape key using tmux send-keys. (HowTos)