How To Secure Your PC With ThreatFire For Free

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – Traditional anti-virus programs use signature files and virus fingerprints to identify viruses and harmful programs installed on your computer. With the advanced nature of new threats being created, this method of tracking viruses and malware is becoming obsolete. ThreatFire on the other hand continuously scans your PC for malicious software behaviors that are not normal and alerts you of these behaviors. This behavioral analysis and real-time protection can help even against zero-day attacks.   In this brief tutorial, I’ll show you how to download and install ThreatFire Free onto your Windows machines and begin protecting your computer against online viruses.   1) Download and install a free copy of ThreatFire from here.   When prompted, click Run.       2) Accept the license agreement and click Next. Click Install on the next screen to begin the installation.       3) Quickly scan your PC for system check. You’ll be given a choice of installing a Firewall if you don’t already have one.     4) Click Fix New to resolve some of the issues, or Ignore and Continue.       5) Here’s the default ThreatFire panel. From here you can check the system’s security status, and some fancy threats map.       6) Click Settings to turn On or turn Off features. It’s recommended that you leave the default settings in place.     7) To manually scan for anti-virus, click the Start Scan menu on the left then choose the scan types and click the Start Scan button.       That’s all to it. As you can see, this is only one part of a overall strategy of security. You’ll also need a Firewall or other Anti-Virus suite to complete the an overall security strategy for you computer. Join the forum discussion on this post (HowTos)