How to remap the keys with a higher code 255 without /usr/lib/keymap?

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http://askubuntu.com – sorry for my english, I will try to explain my problem... Many applications doesn't work with high (> 255) key code (like the key configuration in kde, xev or other applications...), so I remapped the keys. Before Saucy, I changed the special keys of my keyboard with /lib/udev/keymap like this : 1) Keys identification : sudo /lib/udev/keymap input/event3 > scan code: 0xC1021 key code: zoomreset => 100% > scan code: 0xC101F key code: zoomin => zoom - > scan code: 0xC1020 key code: zoomout => zoom + > scan code: 0xC0192 key code: calc => calculator 2) Remap (HowTos)