How To Recover The Corrupted Files Of Linux Due To Improper Shutdown

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http://i486.net – Due to an improper shutdown, your system may not be able to boot and you might experience some error messages. The error message may sound like the followings: “Your system appears to have shut down uncleanlyPress Y within 4 seconds to force file system integrity check”According to the above error message, when you press Y, you may receive another error message stating: “Checking root filesystem [/sbin/fsck. ext2 (1) -- /] fsck. ext2 – a / WARNING: couldn’t open /etc/fstat: no such file or directoryext2fs_check_if_mount/ PROBLEMDue to incapability the super block could not read or does not describe a correct ext2 file system.   If the device is authentic and it really contains an ext2 file system, then the super block is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate super block: e2fsck -b 8193 :No such file or directory while determining whether / is mounted. fsck. ext2: Is a directory while trying to open //etc/rc. d/rc. sysinit: line 415: failure: command not found. “ After highlighting the above errors, the system does not boot and one cannot access his precious data from hard drive and thus may face the problem of data loss. REASONThis happens to Linux operating system due to severely corrupted root file system. Due to this problem, the operating system cannot find the required files to boot and thus shows you the error messages. In Linux operating system, the root file system is the file system which is used to manage data on the root partition, the partition is the one on which operating system is installed. The Root file system retains very significant files and any kind of corruption in these files brings the need of Linux Data Recovery. SOLUTIONThe Linux Data Recovery is the process of retrieving the missing or inaccessible data from Linux hard drive. This can be done in the best possible way by using Linux Recovery Software. This software is able to scan your hard drive, locate the lost data and then perform Linux Recovery. Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is the best ever made and the most comprehensive Linux Recovery Software. It is efficient enough to thoroughly scan your hard drive and retrieve all of your data from it. One of most attracting features of Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is that it is compatible with most of the Linux flavors. Robin Watson a student of Mass Communication doing research on data recovery software. He is also a freelancer for http://www. windows-data-recovery. net/ (General)