How to put the completed downloads in a directory with aria2c?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – alias download='while true; do timeout -s 9 1260 aria2c *.torrent --lowest-speed-limit=1024 --disable-ipv6=true --seed-time=0 --max-connection-per-server=6 --enable-rpc=false; sleep 1; done' alias seed='aria2c --check-integrity=false --bt-seed-unverified=true --lowest-speed-limit=1024 --disable-ipv6=true --max-connection-per-server=6 -d . *.torrent --seed-time=999999 --seed-ratio=999999.0' So I'm using these aliases with aria2 to download torrent files. Theres only 1 problem with this: how can I put the finished downloads in a directory? (using the "download" alias) p.s.: the "while true... (HowTos)