How to piece up all the special character to become a understandable script?

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi, I have some codes (as follow) which uses all the funny special character to form a script. Can you kindly help to advise? cat $FLTFILE $FLTFILE.sup | awk -F"" -vdate1="$DATE1" ' My guess for above statement is join the 2 files ($FLTFILE and $FLTFILE.sup) and then separate the content based on the delimiter "" and write the output to -vdate1 file. Am I right? The above statement will print out a string and I assume a sorting is performed sort -u -t "" -k 3 My guess for the above statement is treat the result as upper case and then sort it. I am lost here with the -t and -k. I notice that -t can mean print full path or trace attribute or remove trailing line or exit after executing one command... After the above function completed, it call another function with the following syntax. I try to google each individual character and then combine them into a statement, but there is no meaning to it. Please give me a hint on that. /^ORA-.*:|^PLS-.*:|^SP2-.*/ { printAll($0); exit(1); } /^sql ok|^sql done/ { timeStamp($0); next; } /^ERROR/ { printAll($0); next; } /\[.*\]\|Error.*/ { printAll(sprintf("%s", $2)); exit(1); } /^Data\|Flight/ { gsub("[[:space:]]+", " "); gsub("^[[:space:]]+", ""); gsub("[[:space:]]+$", ""); gsub("[[:space:]]+", ""); gsub("[[:space:]]+", ""); } I would appreciate if you can also advise me on how to find the meaning of the special character. I try with the 'man ^' and it say 'no manual entry for ^'. I am refering to a document call 'Bash Reference Manual' by Chet Ramey, Case Western Reverse Unniversity'. Sometimes, I can find solution but not always. May I know if there is any books that I can refer to for special character? Thanks in advance. Regards, Te (HowTos)