how to pass command line arguments when script has another script within it?

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http://stackoverflow.com – HI guys i am new to programing world, i have found one more wish with command line argument. I have a shell script say one.sh , file_name=$1 //first argument file name(two.sh) //connect to ftp and download $file_name bash $file_name $2 $3 $4 //2nd 3rd and 4th arguments say $file_name "actual name is two.sh, in two.sh ..... ..... chmod 777 script.sh ./script.sh $2 $3 $4 // $2 is password $3 and $4 integer value when i execute ./one.sh i get output as invalid password, what i am doing wrong?? actually i have to do this all in python can i use (HowTos)