How might I stop the blinking text in urxvt?

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Just installed rxvt-unicode because supposedly it's really good or something, and here's the first thing I noticed:It blinks! I have no idea why this is or how to make it stop.My .Xdefaults looks like this: (I just pulled it from here)URxvt.foreground: #dcdccc !URxvt.depth: 32 URxvt*background: #3f3f3f URxvt.saveLines:32767 URxvt.scrollBar: false URxvt*font: xft:Terminus:pixelsize=12 URxvt.perl-ext-common: default,matcher URxvt.urlLauncher: uzbl-browser URxvt.matcher.button: 2 URxvt.matcher.pattern.1: \\bwww\\.[\\w-]\\.[\\w./?&@#-]*[\\w/-] URxvt*colorUL: #c5f779 URxvt*underl (HowTos)