How to list arecords available formats

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http://askubuntu.com – I built a tool that uses arecord, but now i noticed that it doesn't work on some computers, as the format isn't supported by that hardware, how can i see/list what formats thats supported? Arecords man page says: -f --format=FORMAT Sample format Recognized sample formats are: S8 U8 S16_LE S16_BE U16_LE U16_BE S24_LE S24_BE U24_LE U24_BE S32_LE S32_BE U32_LE U32_BE FLOAT_LE FLOAT_BE FLOAT64_LE FLOAT64_BE IEC958_SUBFRAME_LE IEC958_SUBFRAME_BE MU_LAW A_LAW IMA_ADPCM MPEG GSM SPECIAL S24_3LE S24_3BE U24_3LE U24_3BE S20_3LE S20_3BE U20_3LE U20_3BE S18_3LE S18_3BE U18_3LE Some of th (HowTos)