How to install MariaDB rpms in CentOS 6.4 using rpm (not yum cmd) + handling mysql-libs conflicts

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http://serverfault.com – I need to script the install of MariaDB using the rpm command in CentOS 6.4. I can't use yum since it's going to be an offline install so there's no access to the repository. The only MySQL package installed is mysql-libs as various other packages in CentOS depend on it. When I did a test install of MariaDB with yum it correctly accounted for mysql-libs and uninstalled it at the end as MariaDB could handle the dependencies after it was installed: [root@new-host-6 ~]# yum install MariaDB-client MariaDB-common MariaDB-compat MariaDB-devel MariaDB-server MariaDB-shared Loaded plugins: downloado (HowTos)