How to install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu 9.10

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http://digitizor.com – Mozilla released Firefox 3.6 today for Linux, Windows and Mac. It will take some time for Firefox 3.6 to come to the Ubuntu repository. So, in this post we will show you how to install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu 9.10. The method we are going to outline will still keep your previous version of Firefox although the new version will be made the default. To install Firefox 3.6, follow the following steps: 1. Download Firefox 3.6. 2. Assuming that it is downloaded in ~/Downloads, open terminal and execute the two commands given below: sudo tar -C /opt/ -xf ~/Downloads/firefox-3.6.tar.bz2 sudo ln -sf /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox 3. To launch Firefox 3.6, close Firefox if it is running and start it again. Now you should get Firefox 3.6 with your previous settings. However, note that some of your extensions may not work. Related Posts : Firefox 3.6 Released - Amazing New Features for Users & Developers HOW-TO get flash plugin to work on firefox 3 for Linux Firefox now lets you access the accelerometer of your laptop Firefox tip: Open Bookmarks in a new tab or window Add Bing to your Firefox Search Bar - The Bing add-on Whats This? (HowTos)