How to install Citrix ICA client on Ubuntu Systems

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http://www.liberiangeek.net – This tutorial is for folks who want to leverage their Ubuntu systems to connect remotely via Citrix ICA to their company’s Citrix systems. Those of us who have used Citrix ICA know that it works very well with Windows clients. There’s virtually no problem installing ICA clients on a Window system. All you have to do is download the installer and run the installation. Unlike Windows clients, Linux clients have a very unfriendly method of installing ICA client.   This brief tutorial describes the steps in setting up a Ubuntu client to use Citrix ICA client to remotely connect to your Citrix infrastructure.   The first step is getting the installer and installing the ICA client. To get the installer, click here and choose the version you need for your client.     2) Select version 11.0 for x86 clients in tar.gz packager and download.     3) Install required packages for the client to function properly. Open the terminal by going to Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal.     4) Assume the admin role and install the following packages. sudo bash apt-get install libxaw7 libmotif3   5) Next, unpack the download installer and install.   Actual commands below. gunzip linuxx86-11.0.140395.tar.gz tar xvf linuxx86-11.0.140395.tar   6) Begin the installation.   Actual commands below. ./setupwfc Follow as shown below:   a) Enter option number 1–3 [1]: –> press enter b) [default /usr/lib/ICAClient] or type “quit” to abandon the installation: –> press enter c) Do you want to proceed? [default n]: y –> type ‘’y’ and press enter d) Proceed with installation? [default n]: y –.> type ‘y’ and press enter e) Enter option number 1–2 [2]: 1 –> type ‘1’ and press enter to accept the terms. f) Enter option number 1–3 [2]: 3 –> type ‘3’ to end the installation.   At this point, part one of the installation is complete. Citrix ICA client is installed but to access your job’s system, you’ll need to install the authoritative (root) certificate from the provider of your company’s SSL certificate.  Get it from here. Our provider is Thawte so I am going to download the root certificate and install in my Citrix ICA certificate store.   7) Unzip the downloaded security file and copy the root key to Citrix client store.     Copy the file “Thawte Premium Server CA.cer” to /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts.   9) Try logging into your Citrix web interface.       That’s all folks. You should be able to use your ubuntu systems to login to your company’s network via ICA after going through the above steps. Enjoy and come back soon. Join the forum discussion on this post — (1) Posts (HowTos)