How to give Centos drivers for Embedded SATA Raid controller on HP Proliant

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – hey friends I forced my workplace to forgo windows and opt for linux for web and mail server. I'm setting up Centos 5.4 on it and I ran into a problem. The server machine is a HP Proliant DL120 G5 (quad core processor, 4GB Ram, two SATA drives, 150GB each attached to the hardware RAID Controller on board). RAID is enabled in the BIOS. Now, I pop in the Centos disk and go through the installation process. When I get to the stage where I partition my hard drive, it is showing one hard drive, not as traditional sda... but as mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45. So I looked around and figured that I need to give Centos the raid drivers. I downloaded it from: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport...434ebbcadf9db5 I follow the instructions and download the aarahci-1.4.17015-1.rhel5.i686.dd.gz file and unzipped it using gunzip. Then on another nix system, i do this: dd if=aarahci-1.4.17015-1.rhel5.i686.dd of=/dev/sdb bs=1440k Note that I am using a usb floppy drive, hence the sdb. After that, during centos setup, i type: linux updates dd It asks me where the driver is located. I tell it and the installation continues in the graphical mode. But I still get mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45 as my drive. I tried to continue to install centos on it. It was successfull but when i do a "df -h" it gives me /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p1 as /boot /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p2 as / /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p3 as /var /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p4 as /external /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p5 as /swap /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p6 as /home Well i know why it's giving these, because i set it up that way, but i was hoping it would somehow change to the normal /dev/sda, /dev/sdb. That means that the driver i provided did not work. I have another IBM server (5U) with raid scsi drive and it shows the usual /dev/sda. It also has hardware raid. So i know that there is something wrong with the /dev/mapper/ddf1_4035305a86......a354a45p1 format. First, is there any way that I can put the aarahci-1.4.17015-1.rhel5.i686.dd (floppy image) on a CD?. I really need to set this up with raid. I know i could simply disable raid in bios and then i would get two normal hard drives sda and sdb. But it has to be a raid setup. Any way to slipstream the driver into the centos dvd? The hp link i provided above, under installation instructions, there are some instructions titled "Important". But I couldn't get it to work. What do they achieve? Guys, any help will be greatly greatly appreciated. Please... I need to get this server up and running soon. I am still and newbie but I learn fast and took on this task, believing I could do it. I am sure with all your help, I will be able to do it. Thanks in advance. (HowTos)