How to Get Standalone Windows 7 Cannot Sync Time (NTP)

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http://serverfault.com – I am trying to get my Windows 7 Professional Machine to sync time correctly. This laptop is not a member of any domain. If I try to go to the clock settings, Internet Time tab, and click on "Update Now", it tells me that an error occurred. Misc. commands / output from my system is below. What else can I try? w32tm /monitor /domain:time.windows.com GetDcList failed with error code: 0x8007054B. Exiting with error 0x8007054B w32tm /query /configuration [Configuration] EventLogFlags: 2 (Local) AnnounceFlags: 10 (Local) TimeJumpAuditOffset: 28800 (Local) MinPollInterval: 10 (Local) MaxPo (HowTos)