how to get json data by id

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http://stackoverflow.com – So basically what i want to have multiple rounds like round 1, round 2 etc, i want to have a list of rounds in my app round 1, round 2 etc and when i click on that button or text, it opens up the list of that round from the jsonString by pulling the round id, This is my jsonString: public class GetRound { String jsonString = "{\r\n" + " \"round\": 1,\r\n" + " \"matchups\": [\r\n" + " {\r\n" + " \"teamHome\": {\"id\": 1, \"name\": \"Australia\"}, \r\n" + " \"teamAway\": {\"id\": 2, \"name\": \"England\"},\r\n" + (HowTos)