How to generate html reports through LINUX Scripting

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http://www.unix.com – Hi All, I am trying to generate a weekly HTML report using LINUX Scripting. This will have record counts of some files. (like below) Code: touch path/filename.html echo  "Weekly Summary Report for Business Date : $P_BUS_DT">path/filename.html export A1=`cat path/filename1.txt |wc -l` echo  "A1 Groups : $A1">>path/filename.html export A2=`cat path/filename2 |wc -l` echo  "A2 Groups : $A2">>path/filename.html etc... But, this is generating a one line report like below A1 : 100 A2:200 I want to generate it in 2 lines, A1:100 (HowTos)