How to Fix NTFS Volume Disk Space Problems?

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http://www.ubuntux.org – An NTFS volume might sometimes misreport free disk space. This primarily occurs since NTFS supports several file-level and volume features. To solve such problems, you might need to reformat the volume and use backup to restore lost files and folders. One should use file recovery utility in case if backup fails to restore. To illustrate this, consider that you use an NTFS volume on Windows Server 2003 based computer system. You suddenly observe that the NTFS volume is quite full, while actually lot of free disk space is available. You cannot locate the files and folders causing the issue. Cause An NTFS volume might exhibit the discussed behavior in one of the following situations: Volume cluster size is quite large to accommodate medium-sized files Files or folders stored on the volume contain reserved or invalid file names MFT is grown up Alternate data streams in files and folders read more (Distributions)